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Mineral based paints and stains for brick, stone, concrete render / stucco, precast, and other mineral absorbant surfaces.




Mineral based stains and paints for Brick, Stone, Concrete, Cement render / stucco and other absorbant, mineral-based surfaces


PermaTint Products:

  • Durable: lifespan of 30 years +

  • Breathable / waterproof: perm rating of 75+

  • Environmentally friendly / sustainable: 0 VOC, >95% natural minerals

  • Suitable for the following surfaces

    • Brick
    • Concrete
    • Precast
    • Stone
    • Mortar joints
    • Cement renders/stuccos
    • Earthen plasters (clay, lime)
    • Cement panels (Hardie board, cement board, fibre cement board)
    • Magnesium board


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