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Ecological wood tints and waxes, providing a beautiful and durable finish.

Osmo Natural Wood Finishes: #1 in Europe Now Available in Quebec


Manufactured exclusively in their German factory, Osmo wood finished are recognized world-wide for thie superior quality and performance. All Osmo wood finishes are composed of natural vegetable-oils and hard waxes. Osmo is an excellent choice to protect the environment, in additon to providing superior protection for your wood products. Our unique technology, combining oils and hard-waxes, makes all the different. To learn more.  



  • 1878: Osmo is founded as a merchant selling wood products
  • 1923: Osmo builds a world-class, modern planning mill 
  • 1964: Osmo launches the wood-finishes division, to manufacure Oil / Hard-Wax finishes
  • Osmo continue to manufacture wood products, treated with their own Oil / Hard-Wax finishes
  • Osmo has more than 280 employees at the Warendorf headquarters, as well as the two production plants in Warendorf and Münster
  • Osmo is sold across the globe and has sales offices in more than 60 countries

Oil / Hardwax Surface Protection

Osmo finishes offer excellent surface protection that is extremely durable and resistant to liquids. The unique oil / hardwax system provides a microporous protection layer to protect your wood.